BCDR Ransomware Recovery Boot Camp

Ransomware is more prevalent and costly than ever before. In the event of a ransomware infection, you want to be able to resume business operations and return to a clean production environment as fast as possible. This session focuses on identifying and performing the recovery options provided by the Datto SIRIS product in the event that a file, folder, volume, or system becomes infected with ransomware.

This session will include:

  • How to choose the best recovery option(s) for the various ransomware severities
  • Assessing your / your clients’ preparedness for a ransomware attack
  • How to perform the following:
    • File Restore
    • iSCSI Restore (Direct Restore Utility and Volume Restore)
    • Rapid Rollback
    • Image Export (VMDK and VHD/VHDX)
    • Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

Who Should Attend:

This session is best for any technician currently using (or planning to use) Datto’s SIRIS Business Continuity solution. Basic technical understanding of Windows environments and hypervisors (ESXi and/or Hyper-V) is recommended.

The ideal attendee has purchased a Datto device but never performed a restore. Another attendee that will gain value is a person considering a Datto appliance but doesn’t understand how Datto performs the restore function.

This session runs 8 AM - 4 PM on Monday, 21 October. Breakfast, lunch, and breaks are included. Please bring your laptop.