Business Strategy

This forum will focus on the macro level view of your business. Sessions will be moderated, and as an attendee, you drive the topics and conversation. There is no specific agenda for these sessions. The content will derive from questions such as:

How are you finding new staff? Compensating staff? Motivating staff?

Are you implementing EOS in your business?

What are your thoughts on VCIO offerings and Client Engagement services?

What do you do for documentation both internally and for the client?

How do you find new clients?

How do you see your business changing with the emergence of MSSP?

How are you measuring profitability at a service, client, and company level?

How do you rate clients?

What do you think of the vendor consolidation happening in our industry?

What does your client onboarding process look like? Off-boarding? How many can you effectively bring on per month?

How are you affecting the way your clients conduct business?

How effective is your employee onboarding?

How do you do employee evaluations?

How are you differentiating yourself from the competition?

What are you doing to strengthen and deepen your client relationships?

How are you educating your customers on cyber security?

How do you structure contracts and services at an offering level?

What are the best practices for tracking Sales and Account Management activities?