Co-Managed IT Services – MSP’s and Internal IT Working Together!

Sales & Marketing

In the past, if a potential client had an internal IT department, there were only two possible outcomes. Replace the IT department or walk away. Attempts to bridge that divide included monitoring-only or siloed approaches. Now we have a real solution. Co-Managed IT services, or CoMITs. A true partnership between the MSP and the internal IT department, bringing the best of both worlds together.

This process includes Marketing and Selling strategies as well as a blueprint to extent your service and pricing model into the CoMITs realm. Particularly designed for the SMB (Small to Medium Business).

Join Bob Coppedge, the Crotchety Old Geek himself and author of “A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology” and “The MSP’s Survival Guide to Co-Managed IT services” as he describes how you can get involved with the CoMITs movement.