Datto RMM Optimizer Boot Camp Level 2

RMM Optimizer Level 2

For those of you looking for a deeper technical dive into Datto RMM, please join our advanced bootcamp session. You'll work with senior RMM technical experts to make sure you're up to speed on current challenges that MSPs face. In addition, you will learn how you can use Datto RMM to simplify those challenges, as well as additional tips, tricks, and best practices.

This session will Include :


  • Unique deployment scenarios and how to approach and troubleshoot them


  • Taking advantage of DRMM-specific script code blocks, including population of UDFs, antivirus overrides and custom monitoring


  • Additional best practices and fine tuning


  • Troubleshooting tips and best practices

Windows 7 to 10 Migration

  • Strategies for scoping your migration projects and simplifying the migration process leveraging DRMM components and reports.

Who should attend:

This session is best suited for those who are already comfortable using Datto RMM and are looking to increase their understanding of the product and improve their efficiency.

This session runs 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Monday, 21 October. Breakfast, lunch, and breaks are included.Please bring your laptop.