How To Double Or Triple The Number Of Qualified Clients You Have In The Next 12 Months

Discover What 99% of All MSPs and IT Services Companies Don’t Know About Attracting and Closing High-Profit Managed Services Clients

Do you lack a marketing plan for your IT services business, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve tried a number of different marketing tactics, but NONE has delivered the consistent results you want? Are you disgusted by your lack of growth and the money you are currently making from your business and want to finally do something about it?

Then this is a MUST-ATTEND event you don’t want to miss. During the session, Robin Robins will lay out the exact marketing blueprint she’s developed and refined over the last 17 years working with over 8,000 MSPs and IT services firms to consistently attract more and better quality clients…to free themselves from cheapskate clients and price resistance…to easily commanding premium fees and raise their prices without any pushback from clients…to finally take back control over their business making it profitable, stable and FUN again. You’ll discover:

The 4 Foundational Pillars of all great IT services marketing plans. Get even one wrong and you’ll suppress the quantity and quality of clients you’re attracting. Get them right and you’ll open a floodgate of new opportunities and sales.

How to set up autopilot “Marketing Oil Wells” in your business that will deliver a steady, predictable flow of high-quality prospects to your door on an ongoing basis. This process is extremely important if you want to simplify and reduce the workload of marketing, selling and getting more new clients.

Advanced sales and positioning strategies for selling managed services and IT support that will erase price resistance, sales stalls and the need to do a lot of “convincing” to get a prospect to buy.

How to avoid wasting thousands of dollars and precious time on marketing campaigns that won’t work. She’ll reveal the exact marketing formulas, offers, media and strategies that have been proven to work when marketing IT services.

How to have prospects instantly acknowledging you as the top expert in your market area. Use this strategy and you will literally sway your customer’s buying criteria in your favor, regardless of price, and frustrate your competitors to no end.

How to build and monetize highly responsive client and prospect lists for marketing. This may be the most important lesion you’ll learn in this session.