Networking Technologies Boot Camp

This is an advanced networking deep dive, best suited for any MSP who sells and services networking (WiFi, Switches, Edge Routers)
Whether or not you sell Datto Networking solutions, you will find this session useful in discussing industry standard technologies and best practices.

The Networking Technologies Boot Camp will focus on how to build, configure, and test a business network. Specifically, this session will address:

• Edge router setup considerations - routing, security & authentication methods, LTE failover, DNS web content filtering, IDP, and firewall rules

• Planning and designing WiFi networks - design considerations (including what not to do when deploying APs), ensuring proper coverage, meshing technology overview, effective SSID policies for employees and guests, and more

• VoIP considerations - deployments, related technology standards and concepts for effective management • Using VLANs to separate workflows - voice, SSIDs, security cameras, etc.

• Monetizing guest networks - leveraging the captive portal

• Testing your setup - using diagnostic tools, alerts & reporting

Speakers TBA!