Security: Securing Your MSP First

This forum will focus on the importance of and the methodology for securing your MSP from malicious attack and as a vehicle to breach client networks. Sessions will be moderated and as an attendee, you drive the topics and conversation. There is no specific agenda for these sessions. The content will derive from questions such as:

What are the top 3 steps I need to take now to secure my MSP from malicious attack?

How do I protect client networks from breach via my firm’s tools?

How do I protect client networks from breach via my outsourced NOC and Help Desk partners?

What do I communicate to clients in my messaging around our security?

Is there an effective sales message that can be leveraged from such an internal project to be used with clients?

What are the risks of staying status quo?

What does the future look like for MSP security from an in house threat perspective?

What are the best in class MSPs doing right now to secure their businesses not only for themselves, but for their clients?