Service Delivery: Client Engagement & vCIO

This forum will focus on the service delivery aspect of your business, specific to Client Engagement & vCIO consulting services. Sessions will be moderated and as an attendee, you drive the topics and conversation. There is no specific agenda for these sessions. The content will derive from questions such as:

What tools do you use to deliver vCIO services?

How often do you meet with clients and do you have multiple types of client meetings?

What do you bring to client meetings? How often do you meet with them?

Do you call your team vCIO, Client Success, or Client Engagement?

Do you consider your vCIO team salespeople with quotas?

What is your most successful vCIO process?

Does your vCIO team handle procurement?

Does your vCIO team handle project management?

Do you have multiple roles in your vCIO or Client Engagement department?